Bogdan Shahanski is Bulgarian professional photographer. He has a photography studio located in the Bulgarian capital Sofia.

Very often the first time that the prospect client sees of your business product is its image. Did you ever thought about how often you buy a burger , drink or ice cream because of the way it looks on the advertisement image. No matter if you advertise new restaurant, food or new clothing we can help you made that first so important impression. On this page you can see just a part of the services we offer.

Good Photography Sells The Product!

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Product and Catalog Photography

Product Photography - Good photography sells.We will present your product in the best possible way. Our quality is suitable for Internet use (your business web page or advertisement),print advertisement, catalogs, billboards and brochures. We offer high quality white background photography as well as creative product photography. Please visit our product portfolio here.

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Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography - the main purpose of commercial photography is to sell the product. This type of photography is diferent of the rest. In order to have succesful commercial photography you ahve to have something more that just perfect image - you have to have idea, design and perfect photography.


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Photography for Online Stores

Product photography for online stores- in our days as the Internet is playing bigger and bigger role in our life , we start receiving more and more orders for photography for online stores. That is why we decided to create those tree different types of photography. Those are the most often ordered variations, but we are able to change each one in order to best fit your needs.

Type 1

In this type you get 2 images per product from different angle. This types is mostly use by jewelry manufacturers or resellers.

Type 2

Here we have again 2 images per product- one showing the whole product and the other one its texture. This type is very appropriate for products like shoes, clothes, as the client can see clearly what is the product made from and its texture.

Type 3

In that type you get total of 4 images per product as shown in the example - tree from the outside and one showing what the product looks link inside. Perfect for bags, suitcases and so on.


Food Photography

Food Photography - What better way to provoke the client's appetite, that a beautiful food picture ?! Specializing in food photography we are offering high quality photography for magazines, book publishers, commercials, menus, brochures and online use. The photo session could take place in your restaurant or kitchen as well as our studio. We are offering high quality Bulgarian and international food images available for licencing. For examples please visit our stock photography page.

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Architecture Photography

Architecture Photography -We are offering interior and exterior photography for restaurants, hotels, residential properties and businesses. You can take advantage of our professional retouching services, with which help we can enhance your image get in rid of unwanted objects, wires, cars and so on.

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Fashion and Portrait Photography

Portrait and Fashion Photography - Present yourself with attractive vision that can help you business realization or just to delight the beloved one. We can help you see the happiness of the family portrait . For those of you that pursue career in fashion we can help you with original and creative fashion session.

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Photo Retouch and Image Enhancing

Often the creative ideas cannot be realized only with photography, that is why we offer image enhancing and digital image manipulation including restoration of old images, skin retouching, background change and many more digital services.

We offer high quality photo retouch for magazines, wedding photographers, advertisement and design agencies. Special discount for regular clients and easy ftp transfer of the images.

The new service that we offer is shooting with thinking for the post production. That way we are able to produce very realistic looking images. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas and question. You can see examples of our retouching work here.

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